That was awesome.

We started the season going 2-6 at CCC and 2-5 at Ttown Throwdown.  The car rides home weren’t happy.  We were yelling at each other.  Our rookies were raw.  We couldn’t find an identity on either side of the disc.

The whole time, our coaches were telling us to keep pushing.  To run on our off days.  To throw between classes.  To crush those weekly sprint practices.  To show up to practice, even when the wind chill was -40 and we had 8 tests each the next morning. 

We bought in.

Slowly but surely, we improved.  As the weather improved, so did our tournament results.  We won Mardi Gras.  Made semis at Tally.  Won our pool at Terminus.  We came together as a team.  We started running on weekends, taking care of our bodies, and giving everything at practice.  The day before sectionals, we had 20 people throwing on the quad for two hours. 

Sometimes, effort trumps talent.  Most of our team had never touched a disc before starting with us.  We didn’t win by having superstars, we won by giving more sweat, blood, and tears than everyone else. 

Running sprint workouts in the parking lot when practice is cancelled isn’t “cool.”  It’s not something you want to tweet about, or brag to your friends about.  But if the other team cancelled practice that night, you’ve done more than them.  And that’s all that matters.  At the end of each day, that you’ve worked harder than that player you measure yourself against.  And when you have enough days like that- when you’ve gotten better than that player- they have to catch up to you.


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