Jacob Baxter #49

2018 Gulf Coast Warmup

Date: October 6 & 7
Rain Date: November 3 & 4

Cost: $200 per team (+$100 per additional squad)

Interest form

Winning team gets their bid refunded & snacks will be provided

Priority deadline is September 1st, any applications added are put on are wait listed until a spot opens up.

Please send any and all questions to alabamaultimateteam@gmail.com

2018 Season


Highlight Video:

James Poe
Payton Garlington
Cameron Elmore
Nathan Lyle


Player No.
Jeremiah McLeroy 0
Cameron Elmore 1
Tucker McMillen 2
Garrett Tobin 3
Jake Bultman 4
Payton Garlington 5
Joshua Jones 6
Jacob Lipford 7
Austin Herriott 8
James  Poe 9
Clay Hightower 10
Chase Maze 11
Mitch Metzger 13
Joshua “Van Clout” Van Cleave 14
Matt Green 15
Philip Speegle 17
Taylor Williams 18
Zach Griffin 21
Dylan Hayes 22
Trip Cowley 23
Fletcher Hare 24
Tyler Morgan 27
William Parker 29
John Stanfield 32
Camden McNeely 34
Watson Anderson 42
Landon “Bagel” Sagle 44
Nathan Lyle 45
Terren Moore 50
Daniel “DC” Connor 59
Crayton Patterson 77

2017 Season


Highlight Video:

James Poe
Payton Garlington


Player No.
Jacob Bell
Parker Black
Martin Daugherty
Joseph Green
Jeremiah McLeroy
Austin Herriott 1
Tucker McMillen 2
Matthew Pettepher
Payton Garlington
Clayton Tylka 6
Jacob Lipford 7
James Poe 9
Chase Maze 11
Taylor Williams 18
Zach Griffin 21
Cameron Elmore 22
Liam Holthaus 33
Camden McNeely
Watson Anderson
Landon Sagle 44
Nathan Lyle 45
Terren Moore 50
Daniel Conner 59
Denis O’Sullivan 84

2016-17 Interest Form

If you are an incoming freshman or somebody new to the sport of ultimate who is interested in joining our team for this year, fill out this interest form. We are always looking for new players to improve our team and be a part of our community. An email about tryouts and general info will come later in the Summer. All questions should be mailed to alabamaultimateteam@gmail.com.

Roll Tide!


2015 Season Conclusion

This season was a great one for Alabama Ultimate. We traveled to 7 tournaments in five states as far as Missouri and North Carolina. Our final season record was 21-15, which is respectable for how young of a team we played with. The fun memories of hotel hot-seat and pre-game dance-offs are just as endearing as the sprint workouts and losses we shared. The seniors who leave us will be greatly missed, but they leave behind a hard working group of former rookies and a new leadership with the same goals that we have always pushed for. We will be back in the Fall and working towards getting our trophy back!

Roll Tide, y’all

Interested in Joining Us?

Incoming freshman and all others interested in being a part of our team, we are looking for you! We are a hard working and fun team looking to leave our mark on the Southeast Region. We get to travel all over the southeast and beyond on weekend tournaments.

If you think ultimate is the sport for you, fill out our interest form and we’ll be in touch!