T-Town Throwdown XI Team List

Team List for T-Town Throwdown XI as of 1/19/2015

Davidson College
Georgia Southern
Georgia State
Indiana Wesleyan
Kennesaw State
Mississippi State
Ohio State
Ole Miss
Spring Hill College
University of Alabama-Birmingham
University of Alabama-Huntsville
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

Ttown recap

Ttown Throwdown 9 was a huge success, attracting teams as far west as Oklahoma and as far north as Indiana.  We had a talented field of 20 teams, and everyone we talked to had a great time.

Alabama Yellow Hammer started out Saturday on a high note, beating Indiana 13-5 thanks to strings or breaks to take half 7-1.  Travis Midkiff snared a callahan to highlight the D.  The Tide then played Tulane, and held off a small charge at the end to win 13-9.  Next up was LSU, and after an extremely close game, Bama got the final point before universe and won 13-11, capping off a perfect 3-0 power pool performance.

Next up was the showcase game in the soccer stadium against #1 seed UCF.  Around 300 fans were creating a buzz the whole game, and the atmosphere was electric.  After a clean opening, UCF wound up breaking twice to take half, 7-5.  The second half was also tightly contested, but UCF broke again at the end, and won, 13-9.

On Sunday, Yellow Hammer started out slowly, down a break early.  The defense responded and got the game back on serve, and the O line capitalized to make it 16-15.  The D captured a huge break to take the 17-15 win.  In the next contest, Tennessee played Bama very tight, but after a final point that lasted longer than 20 minutes, Bama pulled out the 14-12 victory.

Alabama only had about 2 minutes between the Tennessee game and the finals, and it showed.  Fatigue, along with injuries to key players Michael Venezia, Matthew Bryant, Draco Malfoy, and Daniel Tylka, led to some sloppy play by Bama.  Poor decisions and tired legs showed and UCF won the rematch handily, 15-4. 

Overall, Yellow Hammer had a good weekend, going 5-2 and reaching the finals.  We still have work to do, and we will be ready for Easterns Qualifier on March 2-3.  Thanks to all the teams that came, and congrats to the UCF Dogs of War!